How to make a Doll Convertible Car

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

For today’s tutorial I will make a car using the colors pink and black inspired by barbie’s two seater convertible, but my car will be functional, proportional to my doll and can seat up to 6 dolls. Use a box that is at least the height of your doll by three times her width Make sure that the depth can accommodate the doll sitting down. The box I am using is about 12 inches in height 9 inches in width and 6 inches in depth or 30x23x15 cm. Let’s get started!

  • 1 Cardboard box*
  • Plastic from packaging*
  • 2 Plastic bottles*
  • Plastic caps*
  • 1 Big Straws *
  • 3 Foam Sheets
  • 2 Wooden Dowels
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • To decorate: Plastic gems, 1 Matchbox, Beads & Ribbon
  • * These are all recycled

  • Start by taking the tabs out of one side of the box and glue them together to form the front of the car
  • Fill in the empty spot by drawing, cutting and gluing additional pieces of cardboard
  • Because the box is not big enough, I will glue the Styrofoam that came with the box to the back to make the box seem longer
  • Draw two rectangular spaces for the front and back seats. Leaving a margin of about 1 cm on each side
  • Cut
  • Then glue the top foam cover and attach the back foam
  • At this point less assemble the wheels
  • To make one wheel
  • You will need two caps one smaller than the other
  • Make a hole on the smaller cap, the hole should be about the size of your wooden dowel
  • Then pass the dowel through the hole leaving a small amount inside the cap
  • put glue on the middle to hold it in place
  • and on the rim to attach the second cap
  • To decorate I will be using foam circles which I will attach together
  • and a plastic star bead
  • I will also run a thin strip of foam to make it look like a real wheel
  • Now to build the car Axel, glue straws on the bottom at both the front and the back of the car
  • Attach the bottom foam cover
  • And the side foam covers
  • Pass the wooden dowel through the straw
  • and assemble the other side of the wheel
  • do the same for the front wheel
  • To make the wheel covers
  • make long strips of foam, they should all be about the same size
  • round the corners on one side and glue in place
  • Do this for all four wheels
  • Cover the junctions of the foam pieces using decorative ribbon
  • and decorate using foam
  • adding details like doors
  • and using plastic gems as both head and back lights
  • You can also use plastic gems as side mirrors
  • Now to make the dashboard
  • use one of the pieces of cardboard you tut out from the original box,
  • fold in three forming a triangle
  • tape or glue in place
  • cover with foam
  • and attach to the car
  • To make the steering wheel
  • cut a small foam rectangle
  • glue and roll it
  • Then take a washer or small circular object and draw it twice
  • Cut
  • Glue both circles to the washer
  • Make a small whole unto the circle base
  • Glue the roll unto the base
  • For the top of the steering wheel
  • Draw a circle
  • then draw two opposing semi-circles inside of it
  • Cut out the semi circles
  • and attach to the base of the steering wheel
  • Then attached it to the dashboard
  • To make the front chairs
  • cut a large bottle in half to make two seats
  • shape it
  • and if you want to decorate it you can use pieces of foam
  • glue on the seat base
  • then the seat
  • attach the safety belt
  • then the inside back
  • the seat belt lock
  • then the outside back
  • To make the back seat cut the bottle in half
  • shape it
  • then cover it with foam
  • To make the backing take the remaining cardboard piece from the original box
  • and cover it with foam
  • To make the gear shift
  • cover a matchbox with foam
  • then glue on a wire or paper clip bended I will be recycling this small wire
  • To make the seats taller you can use thread spools
  • Attach it to the chair, then attach the chair to the car
  • Attach the gear
  • then attach the second chair
  • Attach the back seat, then trim and attach the backing
  • To make the front visor:
  • Cut a piece of foam in a visor shape
  • Then cut the inside leaving a 1 cm ream on the sides an the top and 1.5 cm on the bottom
  • Glue unto a piece of plastic from packaging
  • Cut
  • Then attach to the car
  • Lastly add details like the view mirror and license plates


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