How to make a Doll Shopping Basket

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to make a Doll Shopping Basket

  • 863 – How to make a Doll shopping basket
  • This is a very easy project, but you will need adult’s help to complete it
  • Start by cutting the bottom of a recycled bottle
  • Make sure that the bottle is as rectangular as possible
  • Then shape the bottle to make the body of the basket
  • Make a 1cm thick mark along the upper portion of the basket
  • Make 1 cm vertical marks along the body of the basket
  • Cut every other vertical mark leaving 1cm spaces at the top
  • Cut three thin strips of foam one for the top and two for the handle
  • Glue the handles in place
  • Then glue the top rim
  • At this point the basket is done
  • But I want it to look as real as possible
  • So I will paint the body of the basket in red
  • And I will also paint the handles in black
  • Because my bottle was not a perfect rectangle I will shape the top corners
  • Now the basket is ready to be filled-up


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