GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

In this episode of simple kids crafts we show you how to make pencils, notebooks, eraser, scissors, glue and many other items for your 10-13" doll. It can be used for American girls, Barbie, Monster High, Pullip or Blythe dolls. We also share with you fun printable that you can download from our site (see link below). The materials are easy to find: paper, wire,toothpicks, glue, scissors and pliers. Every day materials are turned into fun toys that can be made easily with you and mom or dad.

DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE 1: DONWLOAD TEMPLATE for Barbie, Monster High, Winx and Ever After High:

DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE 2: DONWLOAD TEMPLATE for American Girl, Madame Alexander:

  • We will start by making spiral notebooks
  • To make these, I bought cheap memo pads for about 10 US cents each.
  • The pad is about 9x7 cm and I will start by cutting one side adapting it to the desired length
  • Mark where you want to cut
  • Cut the cover
  • Then use the cover to make the marks on the pages
  • Cut in segments of 5 pages per cut
  • And repeat again until you get to the end
  • Then cover with giftwrapping paper, colorful foam, draw with markers or use stickers.
  • I will use stickers
  • Now I will show you two ways to make this scissors one that looks realistic and one that is functional.
  • Method #1
  • To start select the scissors you want to use.
  • Cut
  • Trace unto a piece of foam
  • Cut
  • Paint
  • Method #2
  • Select the second scissor template
  • Cut to have only one half of the scissor
  • Trace unto a piece of foam
  • Reverse
  • Trace again
  • Cut
  • And to place the two halves together you can use needle and thread
  • And cut
  • Or you can use a flat jewelry pin
  • Cut
  • The put a bit of glue on the back of the metal
  • To make a pencil and / or pen base.
  • Depending on the size of your doll you can use toothpicks, skewer sticks, chopsticks or a wooden dowel
  • Cut to the desired length
  • And Sharpen
  • This will be the same procedure for all pencils and pens
  • To make a standard pencil
  • Paint the tip using a marker
  • Paint the body
  • And paint the top in pink for the eraser
  • Make a black or silver mark for the pencil band
  • To make a color pencil
  • Paint the tip using a marker
  • Paint the body
  • Optional: You can paint the pencils with a clear coat of nail polish to make them shiny
  • To make a decorative pencil
  • Use decorative tape
  • Cover the pencil
  • And cut any excess
  • Paint the tip using a marker or nail polish
  • To make a pen
  • Make marks on the stick for the tip, the cap the middle and the top of the pen
  • Paint the tip, the middle and the top
  • Use transparent tape to cover the parts already painted
  • And paint the two halves of the pen in black, blue, red or any color you want
  • To make the handle use a recycled pill container
  • Cut
  • Ben the top
  • And glue unto the pen
  • To make a pencil case I will be using a recycled matchbox
  • Open up the cover
  • And cover it with decorative paper
  • Decorate using ribbon, beads, foam pieces, paint or whatever you want
  • Start by applying clear tape to the drawings for the rulers and the calculator on the template
  • Cut
  • Glue the calculator unto a piece of foam
  • Cut
  • Glue the rulers unto a piece of cardstock
  • Cut
  • To make the glue stick
  • Cut a straw about the same height as the label
  • And glue on the label
  • For the folders
  • Start by applying clear tape to the drawings for the folders on the template
  • Cut
  • And fold
  • Decorate with stickers
  • Apply clear tape to the drawings for the color papers on the template
  • and Cut
  • To make notebooks
  • Cut out the two sheets from the template
  • Fold into an accordion
  • Use to measure the notebook cover from a piece of cardstock
  • Glue on the leaves
  • Draw a black line on the fold for the notebook
  • And decorate with stickers


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