Make a Bouncy Chair for Your Doll

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

Make a FUNCTIONAL BOUNCY CHAIR for your Doll s baby - Doll Crafts

  • 851- How to make a bouncy chair for dollís baby
  • To make the chair
  • Cut the top of a shampoo bottle
  • The cut the mouth of the bottle
  • To cover the hole on the bottom
  • Draw and cut a foam circle
  • Glue it to the bottom
  • Draw the chair unto a piece of foam
  • Cut
  • And glue in place
  • To make the supporting frame
  • Cut a wire long enough to make all your folds
  • For the seat. At this point I will show you the
  • Wire while I bend it and then I will show you a three sixty view of the finished support
  • Now that the frame is complete
  • Letís make a support for the chair
  • Cut a piece of wire the length of the frame
  • Make two loops on each end
  • Open the loops and attach to the frame
  • Glue on the seat to the support
  • By using a piece of felt or foam
  • In my case I will by using a felt flower
  • To make the toy area and close the top
  • Add beads
  • Attach transparent tape to close the gap
  • Then put glue in a corner to secure the corner bead
  • And repeat on the other corner
  • Now you have a functional bouncy chair


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