How to make a playdoh house

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to make a playdoh house - Kids Crafts

  • 849 Ė How to make a play-doh house with matchsticks
  • For this project we will use spent matches
  • And play-doh in 4 color
  • Because I only have 4 basic color I will make the rest of the color by mixing them
  • Light yellow by mixing white and yellow
  • Green by mixing blue and yellow
  • Purple by mixing red and blue
  • And orange by mixing yellow and red
  • Next we will built the house basic structure
  • Flatten a piece of yellow clay
  • Then align the spent matches forming a rectangle
  • Form a total of three yellow rectangles for the bottom and sides of the house
  • And a red one for the roof
  • Next
  • Flatten another piece of yellow clay
  • Then align the spent matches forming a square
  • Remove the excess
  • Cover with another piece of flatten clay
  • Remove the excess
  • And shape
  • Make a second square for the remaining sides of the house
  • For the structure you should now have
  • Three yellow rectangles
  • Two yellow squares
  • And one red rectangle
  • Letís decorate the front of the house
  • Use one of the yellow rectangles
  • And cut small pieces to form the door, windows, window frames and door knob
  • Now letís put the house together
  • Start by raising the sides of the bottom rectangle
  • Then attach the two rectangle sides
  • Then the squares
  • And press together to seal the seem
  • Next attach the roof
  • And fuse to the house by using a strip of red clay
  • Add a chimney using a roll of clay and a match
  • And additional details like
  • Bushes, flowers, trees and a walk-way
  • Add details using a plastic knife or tool


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