How to Make Clothing for your My Little Ponies

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to Make Clothing for your My Little Ponies & Equestria Girls - Easy Doll Crafts

  • 872 - How to Make Clothing for your My Little Ponies and equestrian girls (Skirt & Top)
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and measure from the front to the side of the pony
  • Cut the ends in an angle
  • Then scorch the ends carefully so that the threads on the ribbon won’t come loose
  • Fold
  • Then attach a thin ribbon or thread and wind in the middle finally make a knot
  • You can also sew in the middle
  • You can cut the excess or leave as is
  • To make a skirt take a piece of elastic ribbon
  • If the ribbon is thin like mine
  • Wind around the pony’s body twice
  • Cut
  • Then sew
  • And cut the extra thread
  • If your ribbon is not thin you can wind around the pony once
  • And attach snap buttons instead
  • Place the skirt on the pony
  • Then place the shirt at the front and tuck-in the ends under the skirt
  • If you left an extra piece of ribbon on the shirt you can tie it at the back
  • The cool thing about this craft is that if you also have Equestria girls like I do, you can exchange the clothes and by adding a snap button on the shirt so you can also use the clothes for your Equestria girls as well as ponies


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