How to Make a Doll Ironing Board

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to Make a Doll Ironing Board: - Easy doll Crafts

  • 871 How to make a Doll Ironing Board
  • This video is a two part video on how to make a doll iron and ironing board.
  • This is the second part
  • Draw the outline of the ironing board on a piece of cardboard, if you want you can also download a template for this shape from our website
  • Cut
  • Copy the outline for the ironing board twice unto a piece of cardboard
  • Cut
  • Then draw the outline for the ironing board again unto a piece of fabric
  • Leaving about 2 cm of space around the board
  • Cut
  • Then glue the ironing board cardboard shape to the foam shape
  • Turn around and glue on the fabric to the bottom folding the sides of extra fabric
  • Glue on the second piece of foam to the bottom of the board
  • Cut small pieces of skewer sticks for the front and back support of the board
  • Glue in place
  • Using your doll as a guide for height
  • Cut two flat skewer or long Popsicle sticks
  • Glue on each support crossing towards the middle
  • Cut two small pieces of thin skewer sticks
  • And glue to the intersection of the ironing board legs
  • Cut and shape two pieces of skewers sticks as wide as the side of the ironing board
  • Attach them as the bottom of the ironing board legs
  • To make the iron support
  • Cut a small piece of cardboard
  • Cover with foam
  • Shape
  • Bend
  • Cut to small pieces of flat skewer sticks
  • Attach them to the back of the board
  • And attach the iron support
  • Glue on a pony bead to the back of the support as an electric outlet
  • Finally paint the legs using polish, craft or acrylic pant
  • Now you have an ironing board with an iron that can be plugged into its outlet


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