How to Make a Functional Gumball Machine

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to Make a Functional Gumball Machine or Candy Machine

  • Hi, Many of you asked me to make a gumball machine for a doll, but instead I decided to put my engineering skills to work and came up with this 100% original, functional and cute design that you can make for your doll using smaller implements or can give away as a present.
  • Start by selecting a jar and a cup that can fit together. I will be using a salt shaker jar and a coffee cup.
  • Cut a Popsicle stick to fit inside of the cup
  • Cut 6 small pieces of foam to act as separators between the cup and the stick
  • Attach three pieces of foam on each side of the stick
  • Apply glue to the foam pieces
  • And attach the stick to the inside of the cup, close to the border
  • Next make a small mark on the border opposite to the stick
  • The make should be big enough for the rest of the Popsicle stick to pass through
  • Cut using an exacto knife or scissors
  • Test that the Popsicle stick can pass through
  • Then make a circle at the bottom of the cup about half a cm away from the opening for the stick
  • The circle should be big enough for a gumball to fit through
  • Cut using an exacto knife or scissors
  • Make another circle mark right below the gumball lever
  • The circle should be big enough for a gumball to fit through
  • Cut using an exacto knife or scissors
  • Next cut a second cup at a 45 degree angle
  • Trace the bottom of the cup unto a piece of cardboard
  • Then Glue in place inside the first cup
  • Cut small strips of foam
  • And glue them to the cardboard circle to secure it
  • Put glue in the rim of the cup
  • Attach the cup to a piece of foam
  • Cut
  • To make a rim for the gumball hall in front of the machine
  • Draw a circle on a piece of foam
  • The circle must be slightly bigger than the circle on the machine
  • Then draw an inner circle
  • Cut
  • And glue unto the machine
  • At this point you can use the jar as is and put your gumballs in or
  • Like me you can go ahead and decorate.
  • The machine works like this:
  • When you place gumballs inside the machine, the gumballs fall through the hole
  • Then fall through go through the circle cardboard and finally the hole.
  • After making this project there are several things that I want to point out. As you might have noticed on the video I rarely use any measuring devices, that is because when I craft I usually have a mental picture of what the end product will look like, others might not work in the same way. So her


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