How to make kawaii melty bow

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to make kawaii melty bow - Kawaii Crafts

  • 859 How to make Kawaii Melty Bows
  • For this craft I will be using ribbon that is about 2.5 cm wide but at home feel free to use any fabric or ribbon you want
  • I will start by cutting three pieces of ribbon each about 22 cm long
  • After cutting three of them I will glue them together to make a fabric swatch of about
  • 22 x 7 cm long
  • Fold the swatch
  • And glue the ends towards the middle
  • Fold to form a bow
  • And glue in place
  • Cut 2.5 cm x 5 cm long piece of ribbon
  • Fold in three to make the ribbon thinner
  • And attach in the middle of the bow
  • And cut any excess
  • Now the fun part
  • Using, fabric, puffy, acrylic or glass paint
  • Carefully create the illusion of a frosted top in the upper portion of the ribbon
  • Then decorate with micro beads, glitter, nail art or whatever you want
  • Let the paint dry overnight
  • Then attach the bow to a hair clip
  • Then decorate using bigger beads, letter beads, heart beats, star beads, plastic gems or whatever you want


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