How to make kawaii seashell accessories

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

How to make kawaii seashell accessories - Kawaii Crafts

  • 856 Ė How to make Kawaii seashell inspired accessories
  • We will be using sea shells to turn them into kawaii accessories
  • This project was inspired by two Japanese kawaii fashions that you might know of
  • Lolita and Fairy Kei.
  • Letís get started
  • For the main item, I will be using a mixture of sea shells
  • To paint I will be using nail polish
  • To decorate I will be using glitter
  • Beads and bows
  • And you can make necklaces, rings, keychains or
  • Hair clips
  • To make a basic decorated shell
  • Take a clean sea shell
  • And glue on a flat bead, flower or pearl
  • To even the back
  • Cut pieces of foam and stack them
  • Then attach a hair clip
  • To make a painted shell
  • Take a clean shell
  • Paint using your favourite nail polish preferably a glitter nail polish
  • Let it dry
  • And give it another two coats to completely cover the shell
  • Or use clear polish
  • And add glitter in a gradient
  • Let it dry
  • Remove the excess
  • Then paint again using clear nail polish so the glitter wonít come loose
  • Decorate using your favourite beads, bows, etc.
  • You can make more hair clips
  • Or use a ring base to make a ring
  • Or attach a bended paper clip to the back to make a necklace


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