Monster High Doll Review: Monster High Ghoul Celebrities

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

Hi guys I am really happy because today we do a triple review of Monster High. These girls were bought my husband as a gift for me. He bought them in a store called Toyzzshop in a city called Kayseri here in Turkey The cost of this pack was 99 Liras or about 35 dollars. Let s remove the dolls from the box Viperine Let s take a look at the accessories: She has sheer pink sunglasses that have a little snake stretched out atop and on the side. She has a cute light blue hobo bag that is complete covered in tiny snakes. Now let s take a look at the doll, I like reviewing from the shoes up :) so let s get started. Viperine wears blue wedge booties that have small snakes trim all around the top opening. She has a bubble hem blouse that has blue, pink, white and red stripes. Her skirt is an abstract union jack print done in dark pink and purple. The blouse is attached to the skirt Her blue earrings are skullette shaped peace signs! Her pink snakes are very straight throughout her hair as well. She has blue eyeshadow and hot pink lips. I already have the original viperine so I got use to her wave hair, I don t really like her hair straight It is mostly cotton candy pink with a little bit of platinum blonde mixed in. Catty is next, I really wanted her for ages so I am glad she is finally here Catty has the cutest cutest cutest bag it is pink with a skulette and inside spiderwebs. Catty has simple white gogo boots with silver heels and soles. Her tank dress has a very cute print of the union jack in dark purple and dark pink, but it is shattered apart like glass and it has the number 13 in it. She has a hot pink bracelet on her left wrist and a hot pink shattered glass print belt with a silver 13 shaped buckle. Her hair is mostly hot pink with a black stripe along the right side of her head. She has her signature silver eyeshadow and deep hot pink lips. One thing that I noticed is that she does not have earrings like Viperine Last but not least we have Elissabat who is my favorite from the group, and if you guys recall I had made a custom Elissabat a while ago using a Draculaura Elissabat has a black round bag with a dripping union jack print And inside spider webs. Elissabat wears light purple wedge boots with a white raised skullette on each side She wears a purple, black and, dark pink plaid V-neck dress with a red ruffle around the neckline and a red satin bow at her waist, There are red button details on the bodice. She has long black and dark purple hair has a side part and bump in the back. She has a red bow headband with bat wings on each side. Her eyeshadow is purple and dark pink and she has deep berry lips. She is also not wearing earrings. My main complaint: no stands on any of the dolls, it took me for ever to open the package... But I love the dolls and I love the price. This is a really good deal!!! Well I hope that you enjoyed this craft and if so, PLEASE DON T FORGET share, rate, comment, subscribe and keep on recycling.


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